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Protect your work : 

Welcome to the blockchain-based Digital Witnesses and proof platform that proves that a document or any other data has been uploaded and existed since a specific point in time.

We provide you a downloadable evidence binder to support your claim.

This platform has been created by iDefendo a Swedish tech company for PAHUS. With backing from 'if and when' required our experienced Legal Advisor with expertise in intellectual property rights.

With a simple file upload, you can share the same via email and transparently learn, when your file was downloaded. With this, you can easily prove your ownership be it a script, manuscript, song, idea, photographs or any form of documents or data. And PROVE your intellectual ownership for increasing transparency, trust and for your work process to flow smoothly and seamlessly.

And be EMPOWERED to combat counterfeiting, protect intellectual property, and strengthen customer relationships by providing indisputable proof of the authenticity of products throughout their life cycle.

Please feel free to write to us for any queries or concerns at:






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