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The Institute of Child Health,
University College London 
& DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance)
Partnership Initiative

Project PI: Prof Monica Lakhanpaul | @ProfLakhanpaul

Project Co-Lead: Dr Kartik Sharma
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NAMASTE (Welcome) to The Early Years -
A Window of Opportunity A Global Art & Science Virtual Exhibition & Webinar

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About the Early Years Project

The first 1000 days of a child’s life, starting from conception, offers a critical window of opportunity to safeguard babies from adversity, preventing a domino effect of problems throughout the life-course. Positive early connections last a lifetime, and are vital in creating successful, happy and healthy adults.

In fact, globally, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are linked regardless of nationality and so it’s really important we acknowledge and prioritise these, non-mutually exclusive, universal challenges, not just in the UK but around the world.

This inspired the Early Years team to develop an international collaboration between the Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition project by Zero2 Expo, UK, and the PANChSHEEEL Project, India, lead by Professor Monica Lakhanpaul, in partnership with DBT/ Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance), Dr Kartik Sharma of Public Arts Health & Us (PAHUS) who was also the project co-lead, to raise awareness on child health in India.

Things to do:

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After: Voluntary- Post-Exhibition Form!

Why take the Pre & Post Exhibition Forms?
Will help us prove to researchers , policy makers and future funders that the Arts is a powerful thing for health & scientific research!


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The Early Years - Virtual Art & Science Exhibition
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