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Prof. Raghu Raghavan

Hi Welcome to my space - I am chair in mental health at De Montfort University, Leicester.    My background is in health psychology and nursing, with work focussing on mental health and disability, cultural diversity, participatory research and co-production. He is the Director of Mary Seacole Research Centre – an interdisciplinary research institute focussing on mental health, migration, ethnicity and culture. He is also co-director of Leicester Centre for Mental Health Research (LCMHR) a collaborative research centre with De Montfort University, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and the University of Leicester. He leads UKRI funded national and international research projects on mental health, resilience and wellbeing in the UK and in India with diverse cultural and migrant communities using innovative interdisciplinary approaches (creative arts-based methodology) for maximising participation and influencing impact on policy and practice. He has published widely with over 100 publications on the theme of mental health, disability, and health inequalities of diverse cultural communities.

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My Story & My Publications

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